Friday, 15 January 2016

Local by-election analysis (14/01/2016) and other thoughts

The first local by-election of 2016 where there was a Green candidate saw the following result:

Cornwall UA, Launceston Central: Liberal Democrats 515 (63.0%, -7.0%), Conservative 226 (27.6%, +10.4%), Green 65 (7.9%), Christian Peoples Alliance 12 (1.5%).

Quite a decent start to the year for us, particularly given the generally low turnout of local by-elections in the cold month of January and given that we did not stand in this ward in the last elections for Cornwall Council in 2013. The swing from the Liberal Democrats to the Conservatives was helped by the absence of a UKIP or a Labour candidate, and the good personal vote of the previous Lib Dem councillor, which matters strongly in the South West.
It is not surprising the Christian Peoples Alliance polled so poorly-they are unknown in Cornwall and their candidate, John Allman, is a perennial candidate with a poor track record; he polled 52 votes in the whole of the North Cornwall constituency in which Launceston resides in last year's general election.

Also, it was earlier announced that maintenance grants for undergraduate students, whose importance lay in the fact they helped people study without giving them the fear of more debt on top of their tuition fees (I took out a maintenance grant for my undergraduate psychology degree at Hertfordshire, so I know this well) are set to be scrapped without a vote or debate, via a small committee of just 17 MPs (of which 9 are Conservatives). They are apparently to be replaced with increased maintenance loans, which will further add to the already substantial debt burden of students past and present. Please sign and share this petition here so that the government will reconsider this inconsiderate and undemocratic move:


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  1. We didn't have maintanence grants when I was at University in 1991-1993 under John Major. Despite the bullshit Young Greens seem to believe. It was because of this myself and many other students could ONLY finance 2 year HND courses [Higher National Diploma] - at a time of recession when a degree would have been useful. There were no student loans either all study had to be financed by Work or unsecured borrowing, both concepts that Natalie Bennett's Green Party refuse to believe in. Whilst I am all for reducing debt problems by reducing unsecured lending I believe in hard work. - Students should have to finance their studies unless they are studying in a Skills shortage job like medicine, physics, chemistry, or something economically useful whilst courses in Katie Price's Knockers at the University of Elstree & Borehamwood - formerly Hertsmere technical college should have a tutition fee of £25K slapped on then £12.5K per Tit!
    The Green Party is a Non starter in Kernow. - although they muster up 1 konselyow on Konsel Kernow - he is a non aligned member who sits on the fence on any major decisions. - while other MINOR parties Mebyon Kernow and UKIP muster up 4 a piece - and the suppossedly sunk Liberal Democrats have 37 Konselyow and growing or not fading support- the 7% reduction in Launceston probably has more to do with the existance of a Green Candidate. - Assuming Green leaning voters who believe in the Environmental agenda rather than the loony left crap probably voted Liberal Democrat at the last election in the absence of a Green choice. Be interesting to see result IF Labour or Co-Operative had found a candidate for this ward and how that would have impacted on the fake #greensurge?