Thursday, 11 February 2016

It is the people themselves who should be steering possible reforms in the EU-not David Cameron

Readers, Prime Minister David Cameron is trying another round of 'negotiations' with European Union Ministers about Britain's obligations to the EU, all to suit his interests and those of the Conservative Party in reality. Some of this is in hope that Britons will become more inclined to vote to stay in the EU rather than vote to leave the EU, but he once again plans to just use these 'negotiations' to give the UK opt-outs from important social parts of the EU whilst still leaving the UK with the substantial drawbacks of EU membership, such as the effects of the Lisbon Treaty and not affecting the drive towards neoliberalism within the EU as a whole.

What needs to be made clear in the context of the EU referendum, whichever side one takes, is this: since we are the people whose votes in the upcoming referendum on Britain's EU membership, we collectively should be steering whatever reform is possible in the EU, and no negotiations on Britain's compliance to EU terms should happen without our input or our voice. The majority of the UK media, whilst giving a lot of coverage to these 'negotiations', has never asked what reforms the British public (rather than David Cameron and his Cabinet) wants within the EU, even though they will be affected by them in one way or another.

I therefore ask you, the readers of my blog, what reforms, if any, do you want not only within the EU but regarding Britain's relationship with the EU?

Please tell me via the comments section of my blog.


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