Friday, 25 March 2016

My analysis of recent local by-elections and my statement on the recent Brussels attacks

Readers, the results of local by-elections from the last 3 weeks that featured Green Party candidates were as follows:


Cumbria CC, Kendal Strickland & Fell: Liberal Democrats 1067 (59.9%), Labour 307 (17.2%), Conservative 172 (9.7%), Green Party 128 (7.2%), UKIP 106 (6.0%).


Allerdale DC, Dalton: Independent 133 (31.7%), Lab 118 (28.2%), Con 93 (22.2%), UKIP 53 (12.6%), Green 22 (5.3%)

Kettering BC, St Peter's: Con 468 (51.0%, +10.8%), Lab 180 (19.6%, -5.5%), UKIP 149 (16.2%, -2.2%), Green 93 (10.1%, -6.3%), Lib Dem 28 (3.1%).

It has been a slow month for local by-elections, partly because we are approaching the 2016 United Kingdom local elections, parliamentary by-elections in Ogmore and Sheffield Brightside & Hillsborough, elections for Police and Crime Commissioners, the London Assembly election, the Welsh Assembly election, the Scottish Parliament election, and the Northern Ireland Assembly election. (I will cover these in further detail in tomorrow's blog post-stay tuned)

On the recent attacks in Brussels, which killed 34 people, I would like to remind you all that all victims of terrorist attacks (not just those in Europe and the USA), whether they be isolated attacks or parts of ongoing conflicts, and wherever they may occur to whomever they may occur, are worthy of remembrance. I will also say that values of peace, tolerance, and diversity must be kept in these difficult times of ours.


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