Sunday, 10 April 2016

It is not just David Cameron that needs to go-my statement on the Panama Papers scandal

There have recently been calls for David Cameron, Britain's Prime Minister, to resign over the Panama Papers scandal (which prompted the resignation of Icelandic PM Sigundmur Gunnlaugsson) which has revealed that he and his family (and many contemporaries of his) have stashed billions of pounds' worth of funds in offshore tax havens, despite claiming that the government will be committed to 'tackling tax avoidance'. I believe these calls to be legitimate, given how we have all been deceived and that he has broken the trust of British people time and time again just so he can aid a minority of wealthy donors to the Conservative Party and businesses that many Conservative MPs are involved in directly and indirectly.

However, it is clear that David Cameron's resignation will not be enough-this problem is international and spreads deeply. Also, when Icelandic protestors called for their entire government to step down, a no-confidence motion by the Pirate Party failed, so this is clearly not an option for Britain.

What needs to be done is for the people of Britain to vote out the Conservatives, locally, regionally and nationally, as soon as is possible, to as far as is practical stop buying from businesses that engage in tax avoidance and tax evasion, to make it clear that this offshore money needs to be paid back to us as it should have been and used for our needs as a whole, and to make it clear that this corporate lobbying has got to stop. After all, the amount of money hidden in offshore trusts would pay for all the welfare needs of many, many countries.


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