Friday, 15 April 2016

My analysis of by-elections from 14/04/16 and other thoughts

The results of yesterday's local by-elections were as follows (all were in local authorities not scheduled to have elections this year):

Cornwall UA, Menheniot: Conservative 532 (40.5%, +2.5%), Liberal Democrats 472 (35.9%, +11.6%), UKIP 177 (13.5%, -17.7%), Labour 67 (5.1%), Green 65 (5.0%).

Cornwall UA, Wadebridge West: Lib Dem 604 (43.5%, +19.2%), Con 356 (25.6%, -39.9%), Lab 222 (16.0%, +5.8%), Independent 111 (8.0%), Green 95 (6.8%).

Taunton DC, Halicorn: Lib Dem 389 (43.0%, +2.6%), Con 222 (24.6%, -10.9%), Lab 133 (14.7%), UKIP 118 (13.1%), Green 42 (4.6%, -19.5%).

Our poor result in Taunton can be explained by the fact that only the Liberal Democrats, Conservatives, and Greens contested that ward in 2015; both Labour and UKIP contested it this time and won over a lot of 'protest votes' although this did not stop the Lib Dems increasing their majority in that by-election. The importance of personal votes was reinforced in Cornwall's by-election, where the Liberal Democrats easily won Wadebridge West following the departure of Scott Mann, now Conservative MP for North Cornwall.

If you are reading this and live in Britain, this is also your last chance to register to vote in these elections if you have not already done so-voter registration for all UK elections this year closes at 4pm on Monday 18th April.


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