Tuesday, 17 May 2016

I will run for Green Party Deputy Leader this year

Readers, I would first of all like to thank Natalie Bennett, who is standing down after four years as Green Party of England and Wales leader, for all her hard work and for her role in helping transform the party into a real force for change which has established itself well in all corners of England and Wales. I also thank her for helping emphasise the need for British politics to become more open and inclusive, internally and externally.

I would also like to announce, amidst the excitement surrounding who the next Green Party Leader will be, that I will be running for Green Party Deputy Leader in the 2016 leadership elections. I believe green politics can be force for good anywhere in Britain, as recent elections have shown, and that we can all benefit from the four core green pillars, which are grassroots democracy, peace, ecological wisdom (knowledge about how protecting our planet is necessary and in fact beneficial for us all), and social justice which can benefit anyone regardless of who they are or where they are. I furthermore believe that it is time the Green Party moves on to the next level and becomes able to take that message out to all people in all locations, and highlight why a new green consensus will help us all in the short-term and the long-term, economically and socially.

Green values are for everyone, every place, and for all seasons.


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