Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Why I would make an excellent Green Party Deputy Leader

Just over two weeks ago, I declared to you that I will run for Green Party Deputy Leader in 2016:

So, you ask, why would I be a good Green Party Deputy Leader?

In summary, it is because I passionately care about green politics, because I believe green politics should be for all seasons and all weathers, and because I want to help the Green Party become a real force for change in Britain. I believe this can all be done by ensuring the Green Party can reach out more to urban and rural areas as well as metropolitan areas and university towns, show how green politics and green values can appeal to all of you regardless of where you are or who you are, by linking environmental concerns to key voter priorities such as the economy, crime, and our NHS, by improving organisation so that the Green Party will be available to vote in every constituency of England and Wales and in all areas, and by helping green concerns get better media coverage.

It is time for a sea of change, and a new green direction for Britain.


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