Tuesday, 4 October 2016

My alternative proposals Suffolk:

Suffolk, like Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire, needs little significant change, and only three of its seven constituencies need any real alterations at all.

The BCE has initially proposed removing Pinewood (given that it is effectively now an Ipswich suburb) ward from South Suffolk and moving villages south of Bury St Edmunds to compensate; however, the disruption this would cause to South Suffolk and the linking issues it would cause elsewhere mean I reject this idea in spite of its merit. They have also proposed moving the small town of Needham Market away from Stowmarket and out of the Bury St Edmunds constituency, but due to the intrinsic links between Needham Market and Stowmarket, and the fact it does not really connect with any other parts of the Mid Suffolk district, I reject this idea as well.

These are therefore what my alternative proposals for Suffolk look like:

Lowestoft covers the exact same boundaries as the current Waveney constituency; I have changed its name since it does not cover all of the Waveney district and because Lowestoft is a more recognisable name, being that of the largest town by far in that district.

West Suffolk, South Suffolk, and Suffolk Coastal are unchanged from their current boundaries.

Next in this series: Essex.

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